Sunday, 21 March 2010


do i like you for? the chances of anything happening are slimmer than a starving anorexic african* so why the fuck do i persist with it!? give up, dude.

* no offence to any of those reading this

Saturday, 20 March 2010

fed up

i'm fed up with life and the unnecessary piles of shit that are constantly flung at me.

i was walking down the street just the other day
and i saw a man laying on the ground in dismay
i approached him but before i got to him he held his hand up
he muttered something but i couldn't hear him, in his hand was a cup

in this cup was two singular pound coins, maybe he's homeless
i asked if he was and he replied, "no, i prefer the term boneless."
"why?" i replied. he stayed silent and placed the cup back on the ground
his hand too, i was confused. he simply said "would you like two pounds?"

Thursday, 18 March 2010


yo, mate. if you're reading this. you're gay. ahhahaahahaahahhhahahahahahahaha.

here's a funny picture.

Sunday, 14 March 2010


why can't we just be!?


how about you stop fucking lying to me and tell me what the fuck you want. if you talk to me today i think i'm gonna fucking FLIP.


Thursday, 11 March 2010

out of weed and skint.

sucks to be me. oh, well. i'm aight.

get money this tuesday. big man tingz. lol.

gona post neckle camp's album to my grime blog in a bit, and another few of my choosing. i just realized i've quite a few on my comp so i'll put one or two up later. stay tuned.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010


I SLEPT LAST NIGHT. omg this is the reason i'm in such a chillin mood. plus im high. ;)


chicken nuggets are awesome. lol.

watched ninja assassin yesterday.

it ain't half bad. it's action from the get go until the very end, which is always a great thing especially if you're stoned and need something to keep you entertained and occupied. the bits with the children was pretty tough subject matter to take on but it's handled well. the choreography is done so incredibly well and there's some absolutely stunning visual work too. heaps of fun, lacking in adaptation of the story though. most of the characters were boring as hell and/or just got killed anyway.



new lost was kinda disappointing. Richard going on some next suicide ting was crazy. the whole alternate Ben world is kinda boring. Nice to see Arzt back however. next week should be fucked up, wtf is Widmore doing back... AGAIN. wtf.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

holy shit.






and have been

Monday, 8 March 2010


What the fuck is wrong you? One minute you give a fuck, the next you just don't. Fuck you. Yeah? Fuck you. Just like always my fucking niceness is being rewarded with idiocy. Go fuckyourself.


cbf with anything or anyone. urrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh.

i'll upload them hives ep's later, got some shit to do first.

free them

sell them

heed thy warning.

i will not pay for what i need.
it should be readily available whenever i want/need it.
give me it. give me it. give me it. give me it. give me it.


gotta go job center in a bit. got an interview at 2.50.

when i get back i'll be uploading the first two EPs by Swedish garage rockers The Hives to my blog.

Stay tuned.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

smoke weed everyday.

do it.

or i will kill you.

what is

what is love
what is a dove
what is a cove
what is a loaf of bread

ten thousand men approached the bridge
five jumped off, six were midge..........ts
the opposite side gained entrance
without guidance
they swarmed in like killa beez
and stung everything leaving ten thousand men on their knees
praying for forgiveness

just ask yourself
what is
and you'll get through
another day

dead is dead


Final season is shaping out pretty fucking sweet. I expect it to get better though. FUCK YOU FAKE LOCKE. FUCK YOU AND YOUR MOTHER.


blatantly the best NIRVANA song out of all of them.

e v i l m a n

A man from Jupiter approached me today. I looked in his eyes and I saw evil. Pure. Evil. He was an alibino. That doesn't have an effect on his amount of evilness but it does help the look. We conversed about socialism and how someone should kill Barack Obama. I was wondering what happened to that man.

It was 2490, I was confused.

Welcome, one and all.

This is my new blog. I'll be posting very frequently on this one. It's just a place for free form writing really. I'll write whatever. Might post some links. Funny images, whatever. Enjoy.

Links to other places you can find me are in the sidebar.